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abode UK Signs Reseller Agreement to add Fire Safety to its Product Range

13 May 2021 – abode UK, leader in smart home technology, today announces an exciting partnership with Fire Safety Stick as a reseller for its unique Fire Suppression solution.

Abode believes in the power of technology to keep customers safe through products that live and grow with them. The abode smart security system was designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind, based around a simple ‘do-it-yourself’ installation process.

Beyond security
The modular nature of the abode security system allows users to select the devices they want to add-on to their security solution.

The Fire Safety Stick is the next step in keeping the abode community’s homes safe, by employing the very latest in firefighting technology. The incredibly light and compact device can be used as a handheld extinguisher on all major classes of fires; whether solid, liquid, or gaseous flammables as well as electrical fires and even cooking oils and fats in the kitchen. Plus, unlike traditional extinguishers, it can even be left in an enclosed room to continue to suppress the fire whilst the occupants have escaped to safety. Since the Fire Safety Stick’s discharge time is many times longer than that of a conventional compact extinguisher it’s ideal to be used aiding a safe escape from the building.

The totally safe discharge works by interrupting the oxygen within the fire triangle of heat, fuel and oxygen. It does this at the molecular level of the fire, meaning it is safe to breathe, environmentally friendly and the unit is recyclable after use.

The chemical reaction of the potassium ions bind onto the oxygen creating the totally inert potassium oxide particles which simply dissipate into the atmosphere.

It is useful to remember that traditional extinguishers only have a life cycle of just 5 years at most and require regular servicing, whereas the Fire Safety Stick has a proven shelf life of at least 10 years and requires no maintenance. More often, a fire extinguisher can cause more mess and damage than that of a small fire itself; the Fire Safety Stick leaves no damaging mess or residue at all.

For these reasons, the Fire Safety Stick is a must-have solution for every home, car, boat, motorhome and toolkit.

“We’re delighted to be entering into this strategic relationship with Fire Safety Stick, to offer another smart solution to our customers. Abode is a top choice for customers looking to secure their home, and Fire Safety Stick offers that extra layer of protection ” said Darren Gamage, UK CEO for abode UK.

Sergio De Michele, MD of Fire Safety Stick said: “This partnership aligns with our strategic vision to get this product into every home, as we strongly believe the Fire Safety Stick could save families’ lives in the risk of a fire. I am proud of this strategic relationship and have the confidence the Fire Safety Stick will take your security and protection to the next level.”



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