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Smart Security Kit

The Foundation Of Your Smart, Secure Home.

Smart Security Kit Smart Security Kit

Welcome To The Last Home Security System You Will Ever Need

We've re-imagined everything around what a home security experience should be and created something that is remarkably simple to setup and easy to use. With this kit, you'll have everything you need to be on your way to a home security system that is yours for life. Build your system to fit your home by easily adding devices only as needed.

  • Connects To Ethernet For Secure & Reliable Connection
  • Easy Self-Install With No Tools Or Wiring Required
  • Connect Up To 160 Devices For Complete Home Protection

Meet The Devices In Your Smart Security Kit

the hub of your system has a 93db siren and lets you connect up to 160 devices
Mini Door/Window Sensor
protect the most common entry point for burglars
Key Fob
arm & disarm your system remotely even when it's offline
Motion Sensor
110° of body temperature motion detection

The center of your smart, secure home.

Connect up to 160 devices from abode or our partners. From security devices to lightbulbs to voice assistants, abode connects to it all. Take a look at some of our partners below:
abode's home security gateway surrounded by logos of companies with compatible devices
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Easy to Install

Install your kit easily with no tools required and guided instructions right in the abode app. Most people can set up their system in under 30 minutes. If you get stuck, we are just an email or phone call away.
Bring our Smart Security Kit home today.
14 Day Returns
1 Year Warranty
Free Shipping On Starter Kit Orders

Gateway Tech Specs

Built-in 93db siren

Built-in battery backup

4G SIM card included

Smash & Grab protection

RF interference protection

Communicates with compatible abodeRF, Z-Wave, and Z-Wave + devices

Height: 7.7″ (195.5mm)

Width: 5.7″ (144.7mm)

Depth: 1.7″ (43.1mm)

Weight: 1.7lbs (0.77kg)

AES256 Bit Encryption



Power: 230V UK Plug Socket

AC/DC 12V/2A power supply included

Battery backup, your gateway can remain online for up to 5 hours in the event of a power outage

Our monitoring plans offer incredible flexibility so you can choose the plan that best fits your needs & preferences.

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Want more technical info?

Take a look at our Support Resources Centre

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packaged goods
Iota Hub
Smart Security Hub
packaged goods
Security Hub
Ethernet connection
Connects To Ethernet For Secure & Reliable Connection.
Cellular backup
Cellular backup in the event your system loses connection to the internet.
Battery backup
Keeps your system online even when your power goes out.
Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant
Control your smart home devices all with your voice.
Wi-Fi enabled
Wi-Fi allows you to place the device anywhere you see fit.
Smart Home Integrations
Support Z-Wave, ZigBee & more. See full list here.
Compatible with Apple HomeKit
Control your smart home devices from your Apple device.
Built-in Motion Detector
iota features a built-in motion sensor while the gateway connects to separate abode motion sensors
Built-in Streaming Camera
1080p camera captures video when alarms are triggered or whenever you request.
Step 1

What are you protecting?

abode is a great fit for a lot of scenarios. Which are you looking to protect?

Step 2

How many doors are accessible from outside?

Let's make sure your most vulnerable entryways are protected.

Step 3

How many windows on the ground floor?

How many windows are on the ground floor that you would like to protect

Step 4

How many rooms do you want to protect across the lower floors of the property?

Let's make sure your most vulnerable entryways are protected.

Step 5

How many hallways are within the property?

Let's make sure your most vulnerable entryways are protected.

Step 6

Would you like photo or video as part of your system?

These can help you verify the cause of an alarm and help police capture criminals.

Step 7

How would you prefer to control your system?

abode offers multiple ways to control your system. Which one would you prefer?

Your Phone
Step 8

Lastly, would you like us to send a list of our recommendations straight to your inbox?

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