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Your Privacy. Our Priority.

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abode knows that when it comes to security, your home isn't the only thing you are looking to protect. In today's digital world, our personal information is constantly at risk. At abode, keeping your information safe is one of the pillars of our business. Find out how.

Your Media Is Yours Alone

Any media captured by an abode camera connected to your system is securely uploaded to the abode cloud. Only users on your system can view it. The only exception to this is during an active alarm. If you have professional monitoring of your system, our monitoring center will be able to view live video from your cameras to determine the cause of an alarm and send help.

    Your Account Is Completely Secure

    abode allows you to set up 2 Factor Authentication on all of your accounts to reduce fraud risks. If you already follow basic password security measures, two-factor authentication will make it more difficult for cyber criminals to breach your account.

      Your Devices Are Protected

      What good is your security system if it is vulnerable to hacks? Not very. At abode, we use multiple levels of encryption in the communication between every device connected to your system and your gateway.

        Your Personal Information Is Safe

        At abode, we value every user’s right to keep personal information, personal. We will never offload our users' data or personal information to advertisers or any other entity for profit. Rest assured knowing your information is safe with us.

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