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Keypad 2

The perfect addition to your system, our new & improved keypad features a built-in motion sensor to alert you to your system status every time you walk by, backlit buttons for easy low-light arming and disarming, and more.

Keypad 2 Keypad 2

The convenience of a keypad -- elevated.

We packed our new keypad full of features designed to make it the ideal tool for easily arming and disarming your system.

  • Set up to 40 unique PIN codes
  • Backlit buttons allow for easy arming & disarming in low-light
  • Built-in motion detection displays your system status every time you walk by
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 months (charging cable included)
  • Magnetic wall mount allows for easy, versatile placement
  • Customisable: turn off sounds & motion detection

What's Different From The Original Keypad?

We took in a lot of the feedback and came up with an improved version of our keypad. Some key differences include:

The abode logo now lights up in different colours to indicate what status your system is currently set to

Built-In motion sensor means the system status flashes every time someone walks by for an easy, quick check

The new keypad is thinner than our older version

Updated, more modern design

Rechargeable battery that lasts up to 6 months fully charged

Magnetic Wall Mount

Also new to this version of the keypad, the included magnetic wall mount allows for easy & secure placement on almost any flat surface.

Easily remove from the mount when it is time to charge and place back on when your battery has reached full power.

Tech Specs

Height: 3.1″ (78.7mm)

Width: 5.7″ (144.7mm)

Depth: 0.8″ (20.3mm)

1 Keypad

1 Charging Cable

1 Magnetic Mounting Plate

Supports 40 Unique PIN Codes

15 Backlit Buttons

Built-In Motion Sensor

Panic, Fire, And Health Modes

Conserves Battery By Entering Sleep Mode While Not In Operation

Operates In Temps From 14° to 122°

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