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Outdoor Smart Camera

Extremely versatile and powerful, you can put this camera outside, inside, or on your doorbell mount. This device can integrate seamlessly with your existing abode system or act as a standalone product without a Gateway.

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Outdoor Smart Camera Outdoor Smart Camera
  • Facial Recognition
  • Icons / Two-Way Voice Created with Sketch.
    Two-Way Voice Enabled
  • 152° Wide Angle Lens
  • Icons / Night Vision Created with Sketch.
    IR Night Vision
  • PIR Motion Sensing
  • 1080HD Video
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Versatile Placement

We have designed our smart camera to be usable anywhere you could possibly want video coverage.

  • Use it as a doorbell camera with included doorbell mount
  • Mount it on an outside wall to keep eyes on every inch of your home
  • Use it inside either mounted or on a shelf for HD video with facial recognition inside your home

Always Know Who's There

With facial recognition technology, your camera will learn who people are by their facial features. It will alert you when someone you know (or don’t) is spotted.

  • Add profiles to your camera so it begins to recognize certain people and alerts you when they arrive
  • icon_brain Created with Sketch. The more your camera sees someone, the better it will become at recognizing them
  • Stop trouble at the door with two-way voice communication after you’re alerted that someone unknown has been seen
  • Use your library of faces as automation triggers. For example, unlock my front door when my face is recognized.

Meet Your New Doorbell

This camera conveniently installs in your existing wired doorbell mount. With a built-in motion sensor, it can tell you when someone is approaching your door and can even trigger your doorbell chime. Using abode's automation engine, you can also use an integration like Alexa to call out when someone is at the front door to make your doorbell even smarter.

Use as a Standalone Device

You can use the Outdoor/Indoor Smart Camera as a standalone device without the need for an abode gateway. If you are looking for just a video solution without whole-home security protection, this is the perfect way to take advantage of this extremely powerful camera.

Say Goodbye to False Alerts

The built-in facial recognition on this camera ensures that the only alerts you will receive are when faces are detected. This significantly cuts down on annoying & unnecessary false notifications whenever motion is detected from events like cars driving by or neighbors walking their dogs. You will only receive a notification when someone is approaching your home.

Tech Specs

Corded Mode: 2.8 x 2.8 x 2.0″ (WxHxD)

Doorbell Mode: 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.8″ (WxHxD)


Resolution: 1080HD at 30FPS

Night Mode: IR light

Motion Sensing: PIR Built-In

Lights: RGB Light Ring

Field of View: 152° Wide-Angle

Audio: Built-in microphone & speaker

Operating Temperature: -23° – 54° C

Weather Resistance: IP65 Certified Housing

Power: 5V DC 2A USB (wall adapter included) or 8-24V Doorbell Wiring

Communication Protocol: 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, (does not require Ethernet for setup)

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