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Smart Home Devices

Multi Sensor

With the ability to sense motion, light, temperature, and humidity; this compact device is extremely useful for both security and smart home purposes.

* Light/Humidity/Temp Sensor not currently available with HomeKit

Multi Sensor Multi Sensor
  • Motion Detection at 120° with a range of 34' (863.6mm)
  • Temperature & Humidity Reading
  • Light Detection
  • Completely wireless
  • Easily pair to your gateway
  • Battery life of 4 years (replaceable)

Motion Detection

This sensor can pick up on motion just as effectively as our motion sensor and with a much smaller profile. You can use this motion detection to trigger your alarm or for smart home purposes like turning on lights when you enter a room and off when you leave it.

    Temperature & Humidity Reading

    Using abode’s customizable notifications, you can set alerts to notify you when a room gets above or below certain temperatures to keep it at an optimal level. If you have a connected thermostat, you can set an automation for the A/C to turn on when the temperature rises above a certain point or the heat to turn on if it gets too cold.

      Light Detection

      Never walk into a dark room again. Set an automation for your connected lights to turn on when the light in a room dips below a certain level of lumens. Great for keeping your home well-lit at night or while you aren’t home to give the illusion that someone is home.

        Tech Specs

        Height: 2.2″ (55.8mm)
        Diameter: 2.0″ (50.8mm)

        Operating Temp: -10° to 45°C
        Protocol: abodeRF/433Mhz
        Battery Life: 4 Years
        Sensitivity: 5 Adjustable Levels

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        What are you protecting?

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        How many hallways are within the property?

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        Step 6

        Would you like photo or video as part of your system?

        These can help you verify the cause of an alarm and help police capture criminals.

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        How would you prefer to control your system?

        abode offers multiple ways to control your system. Which one would you prefer?

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