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DIY Home Security Systems & WiFi Security Cameras

Alarm Systems & Security Cameras to protect against fire, flood, and break-ins

Top-rated smart home security systems and security cameras that offer everything you need to keep your family or business safe. Set up in minutes.

3 Steps to Your Home Security System

There’s a reason we’re rated the Best DIY Security System!

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    Build your unique security system

    Find the alarm systems, security cameras, and other sensors you need to keep your home safe. Order what you need now and expand your system as you go.

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    Install devices in minutes

    Easy set-up, guaranteed. Install your system in minutes without any tools or prior expertise. No tools means you can keep your abode system, even if you move.

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    Watch your home from anywhere

    View your cameras and alerts from your phone, no matter where you are. Plus, get instant notifications for water, glass break, and burglaries.

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Your home is unique. Customise your security, accordingly.

There are 3 parts to an abode security system:
Gateways | Accessories | abode App

Our Generation 2 Gateway (found in our Smart Security Kits) is the latest available hardware and acts as the central "hub" of your alarm system.

Accessories like security cameras, motion sensors, door sensors, sirens, water leak and glass break sensors connect to your gateway.

Your entire system can be monitored and controlled from the abode app on your phone, wherever you are.

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More than home security. Full smart home integrations.

abode does more than protect your home:
Convenience | Integrations | Automations

If you have other smart home devices in your home, your security system can work with those, too.

Connect your system to smart lights and appliances, Google Home or Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Sonos and more.

Easily create automations from your app to do things like open the garage when you pull in the driveway or turn on your lights when a door opens.

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    Step 1

    What are you protecting?

    abode is a great fit for a lot of scenarios. Which are you looking to protect?

    Step 2

    How many doors are accessible from outside?

    Let's make sure your most vulnerable entryways are protected.

    Step 3

    How many windows on the ground floor?

    How many windows are on the ground floor that you would like to protect

    Step 4

    How many rooms do you want to protect across the lower floors of the property?

    Let's make sure your most vulnerable entryways are protected.

    Step 5

    How many hallways are within the property?

    Let's make sure your most vulnerable entryways are protected.

    Step 6

    Would you like photo or video as part of your system?

    These can help you verify the cause of an alarm and help police capture criminals.

    Step 7

    How would you prefer to control your system?

    abode offers multiple ways to control your system. Which one would you prefer?

    Your Phone
    Step 8

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