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Abode has received high praise from esteemed publications like CNET, GearBrain, Trusted Reviews, and Tom's Guide. Many of these reputable sources have recommended Abode as the top choice for a DIY Home Security System! Take a look below...

Professional Reviews

The Which? Expert Reviewer said of the Abode Smart Security Kit and Siren: “Although there are higher scoring systems, this Abode smart alarm is an excellent choice. It combines all the functions of a traditional alarm with convenient, internet-based features.” Read full review.

“It’s a great place to start your home security journey as it’s a piece of expandable kit – meaning you can add other Abode security devices and grow your system.” Read full review.

With the Abode Wireless Video Doorbell, you can get a real-time view of your front porch any time of day or night, no matter where you are. Install in less than a minute and enjoy months of battery before recharging.

They’ve designed their doorbell with a push-button chime, high-quality video and 2-way voice capabilities. Battery-operated installs in minutes and chimes at the touch of a button. No hard wiring is needed, Wi-Fi is enabled, and the rechargeable batteries run for 6 months. Read full review.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy whatsoever to setup this system. Plus, you save money installing it yourself as opposed to having it installed professionally! Read full review.

The Cam2 will provide a decent, feature rich, camera solution at a good price point and with the added bonus of all the security features being available all in the same place, within the Abode app. Read full review.

Abode offers a versatile home security solution that caters to both renters and homeowners. With its easy DIY installation, comprehensive smart home integrations, and optional professional monitoring, Abode stands out as a top choice for those seeking flexibility and modern features in their security system. Read full review

Abode is the ideal smart security solution for anyone who wants to save some money by installing it themselves and avoid committing to a hefty subscription. The slick software and Apple-friendly hardware mark Abode out from the other DIY security specialists, while its flexible pricing and competitive monitoring fee makes it one of the most affordable too. Read full review.

It’s incredibly easy to set up, due to the presence of a simple, flash card-style instruction card rather than an encyclopedia-like manual. Simplicity is key here. Read full review.

We appreciate its options to self-monitor or have the pros take over, as well as its smart home integrations. Read full review.

Don’t let the fear of complicated tech put you off securing your property with this user friendly smart security kit. Read full review.


Homes come in all shapes and sizes, and in 2021, home security systems do, too. If you’re worried mostly about porch pirates, you can just install a video doorbell. Conversely, if you want a fully secured house, complete with security cameras and motion sensors, a professionally installed and monitored system might be more your pace.

Somewhere in the middle is Abode Iota that comes with a central hub device, a door/window sensor, a motion sensor and a keyfob. The hub comes with a built-in camera, Zigbee and Z-Wave receivers and a siren. After you install Iota, you can add dozens of sensors, cameras and other devices to the system by purchasing them a la carte on Abode’s website. Read full review.

We love that it works with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri (via Apple HomeKit) – the only smart alarm currently to do so – meaning you can use the voice assistant as well your smartphone or keyfob to arm and disarm the alarm. Read full review.

With its large array of sensors and highly-configurable automation, the Abode Smart Security is a great DIY alarm system that can be customised to fit your home. There’s a monthly charge to use each system, but with a low starting point that gets you 4G backup, it’s a price worth paying for most people, and pay more and you get professional monitoring, too. Apple HomeKit is nice to see, giving further automation options. Read full review

Great design/built quality
Bonus camera/motion sensor built into hub
Lots of child device options
Paid plans optional and flexible

Read full review.

Do-it-yourself home security is the easiest when all you have to do is plug in one thing to do everything. That’s precisely the premise behind the Abode Iota, the company’s second-generation security product. Like its Abode Essentials Starter Kit, the Iota comes with everything you need to watch over your house and automate it. Read full review.

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