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Meet abode CUE

The complete home automation platform that connects to and controls your smart home devices. Set up actions that make your home work for you.
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Why did we create CUE?

We created CUE to make home automation easy! It's simple to set up rules to automate your home.
  • Trigger automations based on your location
  • Ready to work with your connected devices

CUE works on your mobile phone or computer.

CUE is included with every abode system and includes these features:

  • Guided setup process on the abode mobile or web app
  • Ability to use sunrise & sunset for triggers or conditions
  • Set multiple triggers for one automation for more control
  • Define conditions when you want something to run
  • Enhanced geo-location interface
  • Ability to fine tune triggers and actions (i.e. only run if a door is open longer than...)
  • Blackout periods to prevent automations from running at inconvenient times
  • Set it and let your home work for you

Conditional Automations

Conditional automations let you add an additional requirement for automations to run. This means you can fine-tune your automations to run under the exact conditions you want.

2. Action
turn on the outside lights
1. Trigger
when the back door is open for more than two minutes
2. Action
turn on the outside lights
3. Condition
if it is dark outside
  • 1
    Step 1

    WHEN: this event occurs (Trigger)

    A trigger is an event that causes an automation to run. Example triggers include motion detected, a door or window opening, a phone entering a geofence, or a specific time.

  • 2
    Step 2

    THEN: perform this action

    An action is an event you would like to perform when the trigger occurs. An action can be an event like taking a photo, recording a video, turning on a light, sending a notification, or arming your system.

  • 3
    Step 3

    ONLY IF: this condition is true

    A condition is an optional setting that ensures that your automation only runs during the times you want. For example, you may want to turn on the hallway lights when the front door is open if it is dark outside. Or turn a lamp on after sunset only if someone is home.

Sunrise & Sunset Support

We've designed dynamic sunrise and sunset support based on the latitude and longitude of your home's address. That means throughout the year as sunrise and sunset change, your gateway intelligently adjusts these times every day.

  • Your abode gateway updates sunrise and sunset times so it works correctly every day
  • Use Sunrise & Sunset as triggers or conditions.

Build your Smart House

abode's Gateway offers powerful integration with the most popular smart home devices such as Nest, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Philips Hue, Ecobee, LIFX, along with Z-Wave and ZigBee devices.

Create Automations on Mobile

You can create rules on your phone in a few easy steps with our intuitive home automation wizard. We made it simple so that novices and experts alike can create rules quickly and easily.

  • Available in current iOS and Android apps
  • Every abode system and plan supports CUE
Step 1

What are you protecting?

abode is a great fit for a lot of scenarios. Which are you looking to protect?

Step 2

How many doors are accessible from outside?

Let's make sure your most vulnerable entryways are protected.

Step 3

How many windows on the ground floor?

How many windows are on the ground floor that you would like to protect

Step 4

How many rooms do you want to protect across the lower floors of the property?

Let's make sure your most vulnerable entryways are protected.

Step 5

How many hallways are within the property?

Let's make sure your most vulnerable entryways are protected.

Step 6

Would you like photo or video as part of your system?

These can help you verify the cause of an alarm and help police capture criminals.

Step 7

How would you prefer to control your system?

abode offers multiple ways to control your system. Which one would you prefer?

Your Phone
Step 8

Lastly, would you like us to send a list of our recommendations straight to your inbox?

We want to send you our best recommendation.


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